Saturday, March 21, 2009


I got my camera! Hurray! I haven't figured out all the bells and whistles yet. My mom stopped by yesterday and helped me play with it and figure some of it out.

I am going to read the manual too. Just like Seth did.

It's soooo pretty. So very, very pretty. A belated Happy Birthday to me! The pictures are so much better. At my moms suggestion, Dan got an external flash for me. It makes a big difference. I kept taking Hannah's picture yesterday. She was like, "God mom, can't you stop." "Ah, no." Click.

I don't have any exciting updates to share. I didn't get the quilt top done yet. Pure laziness on my part. I have been distracted by a book. We're reading The Time Travelers Wife for book club. I've read it before and had no qualms rereading it because it's such a fabulous book. You should read it if you haven't. I will work on the quilt this weekend though. I sat down to work on it last night but I was pooped from the Kickboxing class. I had to miss the last two classes but I intent to go every Friday if I can. I need it and it's free. That's one of my favorite words. But speaking of fabric and quilting I got some yummy stuff online that should be coming in the mail soon. It was all 50% off. How can you say no to fabric at 50% off? I can't.

Oh, Hannah is all in the clear with her braces stuff. She now only has to wear her retainer at night and she doesn't go back for 6 months. Of course in 3 years ish when her adult teeth have all grown in I bet we'll be back there paying for more braces. Maybe not... but probably. Then we get to do the same thing with Simon and Seth too. Oh, they're gonna love us. We will single handedly keep them in business.

But who cares. I got my camera. I got my camera.


Auntie Debbie said...

Wow, your camera does take really great pictures. They're so clear! I thought the last one took good pictures, but now I do see the difference. Congratulations!

Love ya!

ellen said...

That's what happens when you go from 5.0 mega pixels to 12.