Saturday, February 28, 2009

Next step

First you put all the pretty strips of blocks up on the wall. Ok, I couldn't put all of them up because my wall isn't big enough. But I could admire the soon to be finished project and try to keep the same fabrics from touching.

Next, realize you have a discount coupon you got at Christmas for machine quilting! If I get it turned in by... the 28th of Feb... which is well, today! Crap!

I did a lot of piecing last night while watching a movie. Then this morning I finished piecing the strips while watching another movie. Are you sensing a trend here? I have to add, my shoulders weren't to happy with me today. I went to Kickboxing class for the first time EVER yesterday and I found out I'm not in great shape. Push ups are hard (whines the girl.)

Hannah and I took in the quilt, about 30 minutes before they closed, phew. She picked out the quilting pattern and thread color. She's very excited to have it on her bed.

Now, what's next...


Susan said...

I love it!!! Can't wait to see the finished product.

Your hobby is going to get real expensive if you get in the habit of finishing a topper every couple of days :)

ellen said...

There's no way I could actually finish a topper every few days. I worked on this one for about 2 weeks. I did most of the cutting one week and the piecing the next. MOST of the piecing was done Friday and Saturday though.

Now I have to clean up my sewing room... I had too many projects going at once.

Samantha said...

Hannah has great taste- it's awesome!