Tuesday, March 10, 2009

One thing after another

Things can get so busy sometimes that I hardly get a chance to sit at my computer for more than a few minutes.

I celebrated my 33 birthday rather quietly last week. No need to make a fuss. After about 25 what mile stones are we aiming for anyway? Old enough to run for president or over the hill. I am however very excited that I am going to get a new camera! Yay for me! You'll know when I get by the shear number of photos I put up!

Friday Simon had his belt test. He's now a High Purple Belt.

I love Master Sonny!

He's really loving it since he joined the Black Belt Club and he gets to do sparring. The mommy in me is all sorts of nervous about him sparring and maybe accidentally getting hit in the back of the neck but I logically know that probably won't happen. I'm still nervous though. He is even doing some TKD moves for the school talent show with 2 other kids. I have to suffer through talent show practice and the show this Friday! Most kids want to show off their singing skills... that they really don't have... it hurts.

Saturday the kids practiced for the talent show for a while then in the evening I got to go on a date with Dan! (Thanks, Said!) We had some yummy sushi and then went to see a movie. The movie turned out to be not so good... it was actually awful. He's lost his movie picking privileges for some time. Yeah, it was bad.

Sunday we got to see Misty!!!! Hurray!!!! She was down in DC for a swearing in ceremony and managed to get her way up here for the day. I feel special. It was so awesome to see her! I miss having her here with me. You have to band together! I'll see her again this summer and more of my fabulous friends too!

Yesterday after running around like a chicken with my head cut off trying to get too many things done I realized I had a quilt guild meeting that I volunteered to help set up at! God, we had girl scouts and TKD after school, I was befuddled. I hurried out of the house and when I got there I realized we were going to be playing a game. I forgot all about the fun strip poker game! Don't go there, it's just 2 1/2 inch fabric strips not a whole bunch of grandmas taking their clothes off. One of the ladies offered me some of her strips so I could play. It was fun and I managed to come home with quite the eclectic mix of fabric strips since she didn't want them back. Let's face it, if you're looking at losing fabric you won't take your favorites with you. I think I'll make a charity quilt out of all of this.

I have started piecing a baby quilt for my nephew who's due to arrive this spring. The blocks are soooo cute. Slowly but surely I'll get it done.

One last little picture for fun. Sometimes when your butt is too small it causes problems.

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