Sunday, February 01, 2009

Monster trucks, massage, and quilts

What a weekend...

Dan got FREE (I'd never, ever pay for this, um, like ever!) tickets to go to Monster Jam. Yeah, monster trucks. Wee. I think I have enough white trash points scored up in my past so if there were any doubt now my fate is sealed. GAH.

The boys however were very excited to see the monster trucks.

I did think it was neat when they brought out the motorcyles and BMX bikes. Other than that my favorite part was this.

Tee, hee. He fell over!

Saturday I had a massage scheduled. It was a Christmas gift that I hadn't used yet not a reward for enduring a night of Monster Jam. It was wonderful. I love getting an hour long massage. Going home to the kids makes you wonder why you went in the first place but hey, I had an hour of quite while someone paid attention to just me. The tension comes right back though when the kids argue constantly. Maybe that means I need massages on a regular basis!

To ensure that all the knots that were worked out of my shoulders came back I machine quilted the Jungle Quilt yesterday. Once the kids were in bed I got it trimmed and the binding sewn on too. Nothing like progress on a quilt to make me happy.


Amy Y said...

My kids would have loved that monster truck show! I'd have made Shawn take them without me, though :)

Scylla said...

Oh I covet the snow and the quilt.