Thursday, February 05, 2009


There are squirrels in our attic. Technically they are living in a vent pipe from the bathroom fan so they aren't roaming the whole attic chewing holes and mucking things up like the last time we had squirrels up there. There used to be birds living on the outside of the pipe and I didn't mind them so much. I felt like I was sheltering the cute little finches. The squirrels bother me though. Maybe because while you're sitting on the commode you don't want to hear a squirrel chatter.

What if they have babies? Seriously, this can't be good...

I want them to move out but it's terribly cold outside and if I block off their house now they'll die and that makes me a squirrel killer.

This sucks.

Although it is funny to be sitting here in my office and overhearing a loud fight going on over the warm vent in the house. There is a bird that thinks it should be theirs and when he/she lands on the entrance the squirrel starts yelling and the bird squawks loudly. The bird sat on the tree branch and read him his rights today for quite some time.

I think I need to evict my tenants.

Maybe I'll wait until spring.


Susan said...

At least it's not bats :)

Scylla said...

As much as I love squirrels, and I really, really do, I think you need to think of your house first. My mom ended up trapping and removing many of them when she finally blocked off her attic.

They really yell at you during the car ride.

Anonymous said...

Don't worry. They will survive outside. I live in Canada and our squirrels are outside all winter. Get them out of your lovely house. marilyn in Canada

woman at the well said...

I vote to evict the little rats with tails now, before they create problems you can't anticipate now, and focus on completely sealing off the attic. If you want birds, put up homes in the trees; if you want bats to eat the bugs, put up bat houses. Let the squirrels fend for themselves.