Monday, February 23, 2009

3 and 35

This was one whirlwind weekend. Phew.

On Friday we drove all the way to Dover, DE to a McDonald's (or Mickey-Donald's, that's what Seth calls it) where we were meeting to pick up Cade. We got home around 9 and let the older kids play for a bit before bed while I got Seth down. I realized on that loooong drive that I really should get a portable DVD player. On the way back it was dark and there were only 2 DS players and 4 kids in the car... hmmm... Simon and Cade shared, Hannah sat in the way back playing on her DS while listening to my ipod, and I gave Seth the GPS to mess with. I knew where I was going and I could fix anything he messed up, I think.

We didn't make any big plans for entertaining the kids this weekend. We just let them hang out and play. They played Guitar Hero, played outside, made their own pizzas, watched a movie... hopefully they had fun.

I totally love seeing Cade. He is such a great kid. If I started cleaning up a mess he just helped. I was dumbfounded the first time it happened! Some kids actually clean without stomping, whining, or being yelled at!?! I didn't think it was possible but it happened more than once. We contemplated sending Simon back in his place. Kidding. Sort of...

Saturday night I went to the schools big Basket Raffle fund raiser. I love supporting the school but I don't like coming home without winning any baskets. I should make Dan go next year. He has better luck than I do. Oh well, I got to drink coffee and eat brownies with some great people AND I didn't have the kids! See, there is a good side to everything.

Sunday we had our little party to celebrate my baby turning 35 and son turning 3. Tee, hee. It was fun to get a few of our friends together. Eating cake and getting presents runs a close second. Seth loved all his presents and Dan did too. No one complained about the home made cake either. Who doesn't love chocolate cake?

Dan was okay with me not putting 35 candles on the cake. I didn't want to set off the smoke detectors!

Oh! Whatever is in the bag must be super cool!

During the party I looked down and this is what I saw. A dirty little 3 year old boy.

After the party and a quick dinner it was time to take Cade home. :(

Hannah came with me on the long drive to take him back. We were sad to take Cade home but happy to have had him here even for such a short time. Hannah was exhausted when we finally got home just before 11. She brushed her teeth and went straight to bed.

It was quite the weekend...

Happy Birthday to my husband who loves me unconditionally and to my youngest son who amazes me daily. He isn't much of a baby anymore. Although, they will all be my babies forever.


Amy Y said...

Happy Birthday to your babies! :)
Looks like a fun party!

Susan said...

Cade isn't always so helpful with cleaning. He has his moments where he pouts about it too. Don't let him trick you :)

Glad you had a good time this weekend!

Monica said...

The cake was awesome. It was chocolate. 'Nuff said.

Aunt Debbie said...

Happy Birthday to Daniel (halfway to 70 - love that!) and Seth ... a mere THREE!! Love you all bunches and wish I could come to these shin-digs . . . just a long drive to Jersey!

ellen said...

Aunt Debbie- I wanted to call you and order a special cake but I didn't think it'd ship very well and the delivery rate would have been a little pricey!

Scylla said...

Happy Birthday to Dan and Seth!!! I miss you guys.