Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Spacers and palate expanders

We have begun Hannah's expensive journey into modern day torture devices designed to move bones around! Ok, she's getting braces but when you think about what they are going to do it sure sounds like torture. We took her in on Friday for the spacers. She wasn't amused at all. They wedged little blue bands between her back top teeth. Then on Monday we went back in and they took a mold for her palate expander. In a few weeks we'll go back in for the torture device to be put in. Everyday we'll use a key and crank her mouth open a bit at a time.

Will it hurt her? Probably.

What do we tell her? It'll be ok, honey. This is necessary. For the greater good...

I am such a good mom.

I spent most of Saturday working on my quilt top. I got the whole center done! I like it. Dan said it looks kind of country farm house. Really? Does it?

Now for the borders. I am going to do blocks with full circles in the center. I think it'll look pretty good in the end. I hope anyway!

Today is going to be a crazy day after school. Hannah has girl scouts at 3:30, Simon had Tae Kwon Do at 4:20, and Hannah has a make-up Gymnastics class at 6:30. I really don't do these things on purpose. We drop Hannah at GS, come home and do some homework., then take Simon to TKD, run back get Hannah, go back and get Simon, and get home about 5:30. Phew! Eat leftover Chili for dinner(I love Chili!). Take Hannah to Gymnastics at 6:30 and retrieve her an hour later.

Last but not least, vow to never sign my kids up for after school activities again!

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Susan said...

It does look like it belongs in a country farm house. Is that a bad thing? I like it is coming along beautifully.