Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Early riser and school projects

Today didn't have the best start to the day but it turned out okay.

Seth decided that 5 am would be a good time to wake up. I tried to get him to go back to sleep but he wasn't going for it. Groggily, I drug myself out of bed at 6:30 to get a shower in before the days festivities began. I was having our playgroup over at 10 and I wanted to get the house in order before everyone arrived. I still had to do the usual morning routine of breakfasts, lunches, and getting the kids to school by 8:30. I even got my neighbors kids on our way since I was being lazy and driving. My neighbor is dealing with breast cancer and chemo treatments right now so the least I can do is offer to help get her kids to and from school.

The playgroup was fun. Seth has a hard time sharing his own toys so I spent a good deal of time taking whatever toy he had just snagged away from one of the kids and giving it back. It's so hard to explain to a toddler that the other kids won't take your toy away forever or keep them. All of these things will still be here and yours to play with once they leave.

It has been snowing off and on all day. Not really sticking though. For dinner tonight I made chicken and rice soup just like my mama taught me! It's so comforting to eat warm soup when it's cold outside. Although in our old drafty house it's a bit cold inside too.

I haven't made a lot of blocks for my quilt. Sometimes I can't wait to work on a quilt and other times I am a slacker and I'd rather sit and watch tv. Someday I'll have a tv in my sewing room but as I've said before I'd never leave this room then.

I did hang a quilt on the wall in here this weekend though. I think it looks good in here.

I also sent the baby quilt off with Dan all nice and packaged up. He got an email later in the day about a baby shower for the couple... nice. Too late, we already gave our gift and I think a baby quilt is enough.

Oh, Hannah did a little project for school, "All About Me." Since she was one of the few kids to get it done in time her teacher asked her to share it at the Board of Ed meeting last night. Her little story was put together with pictures of her family. Dan took her last night so I didn't see it but I read it. It was pretty cute. She talked about her loving family and a trip she took with her grandma Stella to see the dolphins. Of course she also said her brothers are a pain and her parents yell sometimes but not too much... gee... thanks...I am glad I wasn't there last night.

Tomorrow should be a fun day. I am going out for our MOMS Club holiday dinner. Yummy food + no kids = a good time!


Amy Y said...

Have fun at your dinner!
The quilt looks great, just beautiful!
Hope Seth sleeps in a bit more tomorrow ~ lil stinker.

woman at the well said...

Ellen, how nice of you to help out your neighbor. I'll bet she appreciates it more than you can imagine. The quilt looks lovely. Paul was quite disappointed when it stopped snowing ... he always hopes for school closures. I'd love to see Hannah's book - it sounds charming!