Thursday, January 10, 2008


Our original plan for yesterday was to meet up with some mommy friends and spend the day in the Children's Museum. When Tiff and I got to the museum there was a line around the side of the building and two buses outside. AH! We've been there before on a busy day and it's no fun at all. You can't take your eyes off your kid for fear they'll run off somewhere or they get into a "mine" match with another kid. Too stressful.

Tiff suggested we go to the Adventure Aquarium that's about 10 miles away from the mesuem. I was all for it. The only problem was we had to ditch our friends... shame on us for not having any phone numbers with us. They ended up leaving early anyway because it was so crowded. I think Tiff and I made the right choice.

Since we hadn't been to this aquarium before I was excited to see it. Seth, who is beginning to talk more, said fish and shark.

We had a pretty good time. I enjoyed myself until Seth got to tired to walk and he began to get uncooperative. Then it was time to go. The aquarium is across the water from Philly so I asked Tiff to take a picture for us. Most of my experience in Philly has been taking Simon to CHOP for surgery last spring so it was nice to see it in a different light.


Coni Nelson said...

Sounds like you had a good time! Glad to hear that Simon is discovering new words..

Talk to you soon.


woman at the well said...

That sounds like fun! You'll know all about Philly and then you can be the tour guide when we go.