Sunday, August 29, 2010

Pin cushion caddy

I love, love, love Anna Maria Horner. She makes wonderful fabrics and fun projects. I've had one of her books for a while and I wanted to make the little pin cushion caddy. So, with the leftover fabrics I had from the last quilt I made the caddy. It wasn't easy and mine certainly isn't perfect, but isn't it adorable? You want one don't you?

After I finished the project I started on my next project. Cleaning my sewing room...

Two more days until I walk back on campus and begin a semester full of nursing classes, chemistry, and Spanish.


Amy Y said...

That is so cute!
Of course I want one (even though I don't sew or have pins to put in it!) :) I want one of everything you show us that you made!

My birthday is coming up... just sayin' ;)

Paula Glover said...

Oh, even I want one. How cute!