Friday, August 27, 2010

Market bag

I made a fantastic little purse. I only have a few days until I am back in the grind of school work and I wanted something fun to do. Not that quilts aren't fun, but they take a lot more time. I made one of these purses last August actually and I love the pattern. I am planning on using this at the quilt show for the guild. Do you think people will like to see what you can make? Not just quilts or wear-ables, but purses too. I am contemplating taking it to the wedding next weekend. I am worried I might get it dirty though, but it's soo cute!

Hannah was my trusty helper again. This time I let her take the pictures while I held the purse. Simon tried to help too, but I don't think bunny ears are all that helpful.

Hannah didn't like the camera turned on her though... she whipped around fast!

She's pretty cute. I wish she'd let me take pictures of her!


Susan said...

Bag turned out very cute. You should take it to the wedding. It if gets dirty, they wash up pretty well. Just needs a little ironing after wards.

Woman with a Hatchet said...

Cute bag!

As for the photo of the child, break out your own pics from the same age frame and warn her that she NEEDS to have some and that it could be could photograph her like your own mom did you. Without a head. Or maybe missing feet. Or with an index finger blocking half of your face.

Ask me how! : )

Paula Glover said...

Bag is very cute. The strategy of showing her the photos I took, however, wouldn't work. I'm a professional photographer. I recommend a long lens and a sneaky approach.