Sunday, March 28, 2010


I took Seth to a birthday party today. After all the fun of bouncing and playing was over it was time for pizza and cake. They all needed to get their shoes back on. I sent Seth over to retrieve his shoes from the giant, rolling, cubby-cart. He got his shoes out. I went to help him and noticed he had sand in his shoes. I suck as a parent from time to time, so I figured I didn't notice the sand the first time I put his shoes on. It probably came from the sand box in the back yard. I shook the shoes out in the trash and helped him get the shoes on his feet.

We were sitting there while Seth ate his pizza in yet another noisy room, except in this one your feet stick to the floor, and a woman I don't know walked up to me and asked me if these were my son's shoes. "Size 9, right?" I looked at the shoes she was holding. Seth's shoes. I just laughed and apologized. She had tried shoving her son's feet in Seth's shoes only to discover they were too small. I didn't even realize the shoes Seth put on were too big. Go me. We swapped shoes. I apologized again and told her I had been confused about not knowing how he got the sand in his shoes. They had gone to the beach earlier in the day.

Yup, I rock as a parent...

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