Sunday, March 07, 2010

The orphan, the scientist, and a birthday

This was a week for role playing. Hannah's school play, Annie, went off without a hitch. They had a great time. Hannah was one of the little orphans. She had a few lines and was in the chorus in the song performances.

Isn't she a cute, dirty, little orphan? Nice flowers, huh. They're from her other family that loves her and remembers to give her things like flowers after a performance!

Oh! Hannah is going to states again with her Future Problem Solvers team! Maybe they'll go to the international competition again. It's in Wisconsin this year. States is at the end of the month and they're currently ranked 3rd. Last year 2 junior teams went to International.... we'll see. Cross those fingers.

Simon's class did presentations on famous Americans. Now, my son didn't pick someone like Neil Armstrong or George Washington. He choose Robert A. Millikan. Who's that you ask? Good question. He's a Nobel Prize winner for physics. You can go read all about him...

They were all so cute. Everyone was all dressed up like their famous person. I couldn't find Simon a bow tie and a three piece suit on short notice so he wore a tie and suspenders. Meh.

I've spent all week doing homework. Everyday except Friday because it was my birthday! I didn't do anything out of the ordinary, but I had a good day. A normal day. I had a full day with JCP&L stopping by to change the meter, the pest control people came, Tiff and Chloe played at our house, Simon's presentation, ran Simon to and from TKD, and stayed with Hannah at the cast party until 10:30. I have to say when Hannah was invited to a middle school cast party my mommy senses went off. They are a lot like spider senses, very sensitive to stimuli. I recall high school cast parties which involved drinking. I know she's only in 6th grade, but a lot of the cast was 8th graders and that makes them 13-14 years old. Big difference from little 11 year old Hannah. I should have trust in all children, but I don't. So, I stayed. I hung out with some other wonderful mamas while the kids hung out. They danced to music in the basement and ate lots of junk food in the dining room. Hannah and her BFF stuck to each other like glue. That's just what they do.

Yesterday, we went as a family to see Alice in Wonderland. It was good flick. I like what they're doing with 3D nowadays. Pretty cool stuff. Seth wiggled on my lap most of the time which would have been okay if I didn't have to pee. :)

So, Happy Birthday to me! I'm 34 now. I've been married to a great man for almost 14 years and I have 3 wonderful kids. By the time I'm 40 I should be completely done with school. I really love where I am in life. (Disclaimer: I'd love it even more if I could get some quilting in...)


Paula Glover said...

That is so funny about Simon choosing to be a scientist! He's really growing up. And Hannah is adorable.

Scylla said...

Happy belated birthday my dear!! I hope you did something fun. If I have the time and temerity I will send you a special homemade gift sometime before you turn 35. There are several really cute projects in a new book I have that you might like. (although I don't think I will send you a crocheted Cthulu doll, as much as you like green.)

Can we make a date to go do something unbelievably awesome when we are all 50? I want us all to take a cruise to the Greek Aisles or volunteer for an archeological dig somewhere really remote. Maybe we can book tickets on the space shuttle and go really far away for our 5th decade of life.

Do you realize that we have known each other for nearly three decades? That thought does odd things to my brain.

Missing you,


ellen said...

Misty, I think we were 7 when we met! So, yeah, almost 3 decades! Holy crap!

Why wait until we're 50? Let's go do something like that when we turn 40!!!!

You are always welcome to make me any adorable things. I love hand made goodies. I know I owe you a wall hanging for your bedroom...