Friday, January 26, 2007

I love Ikea!

I went to Ikea Tuesday with Tiff. It is a dangerous place to go too though. One must be careful because you can easily say to yourself, "Oh, I need one of those!" Just bring a credit card along and you'll be fine, right? Well, Tiff thought she did well because she didn't spend as much as me. Totally unfair, I bought a new couch. That's right, a new couch! Hurray!!!! The one we have now we bought right after Hannah was born and it is so dirty and ripping apart at the seams in some places. The slip covers we got don't stay in place at all. I am very excited to get the couch on Saturday. I am not excited to get the credit card bill next month though.

Let's see, what else is going on... Hannah and Simon are taking Tae Kwon Do classes and loving it. Simon started and then when Hannah went to a class with us she really wanted to try it. She's actually really good. After their first class I had a talk with them about how Hannah would probably pick it all up much faster because she's older. The reality is that not only is she older she is really coordinated and strong. Simon is loving it and he is doing great too. He needs this more for the self discipline aspect anyway. The kid has so much energy! I'll try and remember to take my camera next week.

I talked to a guy about our house in Denver. He said I get to pick paint colors for the main floor and the basement. I choose off white for the basement and cream (he called the color Aspen) for the main level. I was never a fan of the whole house being brown. It was too dark. I feel like we get to give the house a free face lift. Ok, it isn't even close to free!

Dan's cluster headaches are better now. (Yes, some of you are thinking, what cluster headaches?) He had a period of two months where he'd get multiple headaches a day and they are really debilitating. He got on Topomax and responded very well. The only side effect that seems to bother him is that it dehydrates him but with the headaches better he's ok with it.

Things are never quiet around here. Sometimes boring but never quiet....


Amy York said...

I love Ikea too! Can we see the couch you bought on the website? Can't wait to see pics of the kids doing tae kwan do (sp?! lol). I didn't know about Dan's headaches but am glad to hear they're improving!

woman at the well said...

Yea for the new sofa! You could leave the old one on the front porch and really please the neighbors ... OK, just joking. I'll be excited to see it!

Hannah is indeed a "mighty midget." Tough, smart and pretty - there's a combo for you! Are Hannah and Simon in the same class? Will they be placed against each other if there's a tournament? That could be interesting. :)

Samantha said...

I got my ikea catalog on Friday. Drool.

One is opening in UT this spring or summer, and I think a road trip is in my future!