Wednesday, January 31, 2007


Seth had fun today with some yummy yogurt! It was rather messy but sometimes you have to let them have some fun. I also didn't feel like arguing that mommy should do it with a kid that doesn't understand.

Simon and I had a rough night last night. Daniel gave us the stomach flu. Yuck!The two of us took turns in the bathroom all night long. We are feeling better today. I am waiting for Seth and Hannah to start vomiting. Not fun. Hannah has her little play on Friday so I'd hate for her to get sick on Friday!

So, since this blog is supposed to be about quilting too, I should mention I was able to get a few more blocks done on Ben and Susan's quilt over the weekend. There are 11 rows, 11 blocks in each row, and each block is made up with 9 smaller blocks. I have 5 rows completed and row 6 is about half way done. Will I ever finish?


woman at the well said...

is this the cutest picture, or what??

Amy York said...

Great pics! Seth is such a cutie!
Sorry you are all passing around the bug... *fingers crossed that Hannah doesn't get it in time for her play!*
Glad you are Simon are on the mend...

Susan said...

Too cute!!! He looks exactly like his sister did. Here's the catalog website I was telling you about,