Monday, December 27, 2010


Simon's 10th birthday was 10 days ago. This picture cracked me up. He looks rather maniacal. Better keep him away from lighters...

He wanted to decorate cupcakes so I didn't decorate a cake. Instead I quickly attempted to write his name on a cupcake for him. He liked it.

We decorated cookies for Santa. The more frosting and decoration, the better! Santa's going to get fatter this year!

I made a small gift for mom. The ring pillow. It was Mike's idea.

Opened presents on Christmas morning before heading to the airport. It started snowing so bad the next day it shut down the airport. Dan is stuck home in all that snow.

Mom and Mike got married on the 26th. I am glad we got to be here for it.

Today we are having a second Christmas!

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