Wednesday, December 29, 2010

More farm hands

The older two have informed me they are moving here. They love the farm. Hannah is already having a sleepover with one of the girls she met here last summer. Hannah loves the idea of raising animals and isn't bothered by the fact that they are food later on. I on the other hand want to become vegetarian when I see the animals that will become steak and ham. The eggs from the chickens don't bother me though and we've eaten a lot of those! I mentioned a rooster that was sent off the other day. He was made into stew by the neighbor... that will be dinner tonight. Gulp.

Anyway, Hannah and Simon want to live here. They could be little farm hands. I think the novelty of the farm would wear off really quickly and the fun "chores" would become just that. Chores.

Simon is however allergic to something out here. Don't know what, but he is covered in hives. Poor kid. I told him to stay out of the hay for now. Sheer torture.

We are enjoying ourselves for the time we are here. I think that will make it all that more special. Who knew a farm would be such a hit. Hopefully, we can get the kids out here for the summer.

Yesterday's chore- clearing sticks from where the creek had flooded.

Simon's turn on the skid loader. Not as smooth as Hannah, but he got it.

Seth on the tractor with Mike.


Hannah filling the water trough for the cattle.

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