Thursday, July 15, 2010

Lifeguard on Duty

Denver, I love you. I always know which direction I am facing. I always know where I am. Your beautiful mountains are always to the west, thank you.

We've had our usual whirlwind visit with friends and family. It so awesome to see everyone. Let's see if I can summarize what we've done so far...

-Dinner's with family.
-Time with my aunt while she did my hair.
-Dinner with friends.
-Birthday breakfast.
-Fabric shopping at Fancy Tiger!

-Two BBQ's.
-Swimming at the Boulder Reservoir.

-More eating out with family and more swimming.
-Breakfast at Snooze.

We are having a great time. I think the only drama we've had so far is when we were at the Boulder Reservoir. The kids had to pass a test to swim out in the lake. Simon barely passed. The lake was really chilly. Probably has something to do with the fact that the water is snow run off from the mountains. Anyway, the stubborn kid wanted to swim out to the platform with his sister. I knew this was a bad idea, but he wouldn't listen to me. What do I know, I am only his mother. We went over what to do if you're struggling to swim so the life guards know you need help, etc. Hannah swam with his so she could help too. He barely made it out to the platform. Can you simultaneously be scared for their life and pissed as shit because they didn't listen to you? On the swim back he was dog paddling... not good. He got about half way back and I could see Hannah helping him. (The lifeguard had been watching the whole time.) Simon threw his hand up in the air and before the lifeguard hit the water another adult swam right out to him before I was more than waist deep in all my clothes...

He learned something. He isn't a good swimmer. Why does he have to be the one that learns the really hard way? He told me he never wanted to swim again. That is until the next day when he begged to jump off the high dive. I said no. If you can't touch, you can't be in the pool. Period.

Hopefully we won't have anymore drama!

Today we head to Pirates Cove for more swimming. Dinner with more family tonight. This weekend we are going to Red Feather Lake and then we are heading out to Kansas to see my mommy's farm!


Samantha said...

hmm, what about "really hot sweaty concert at the ogden with sam"?
SO good to see you!

ellen said...

Oh my gosh, I must have blocked it from my mind! I know I loved seeing you! I'll have to amend this post once I get the pictures off of my phone!

Paula Glover said...

Well, no wonder you were worried about Simon being in the creek! I'm glad there are lifeguards at the reservoir.