Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Beach, garden, sewing, and a trip

We are leaving for a two week vacation on Thursday.... nothing crazy, just a visit home.

Do any of you get all nervous about leaving on trips? I get all nervous and start thinking about everything. Will the garden make it? How will the flowers do? Do you leave the window unit on so the cats don't roast while we're gone? I also keep thinking of things we need to do or take. Laundry, pack, don't forget swimsuits, don't forget the camera... I think I might drive myself crazy...

Since I never have enough to do anyway, today we got Simon's new scoliosis brace, ran by the grocery store for a few last minute things, hit the library, came home for lunch, and then went to the beach.

Simon and Hannah love splashing in the waves.

Yes, Seth covered my pasty white legs with sand.

Hannah is at gymnastics right now and Simon just got home from Tae Know Do. A full, full day. Fun too.

For dinner tonight I pulled some veggies right out of my garden! I love that. We had a small batch of green beans and I got the first zucchini of the season! I am a big dork. I know it. Lots of people probably have awesome gardens full of yummy veggies, but I have a small garden and I am delighted with the little I get.

Yes, I need to pull the weeds...

The zucchini looks rather small in this picture. It was still on the smallish side. I could have left it to get bigger, but well, I wanted to eat it!

I have done a bit of sewing. I have 13 out of 16 blocks done. I like seeing all the blocks coming together.

Me and my daddy.

When I get back from our trip I am going to have to quilt like a mad woman to finish all the projects I wanted to get done.

Tomorrow we pack! Our flight is early on Thursday.

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Paula Glover said...

Oh, you used the photo I took at your wedding on your dad's quilt! That is so wonderful. I'm interested to see the finished product, and so excited to see you next week!!!