Saturday, July 24, 2010


Wow, we did a lot in Kansas in just a few short days! The kids LOVED the farm. They really didn't want to leave. I think if they had to feed chickens everyday they wouldn't like it very much, but for them, helping on the farm was a novelty. Helping at home, well that's kind of like torture.

Hannah loved the chickens and the one barn cat that would let her pet him. She named him Taylor for some reason. Hannah also loved playing with a young girl out there who's about her age. She was invited over to her house on Friday and got to see piglets that were just a few hours old. I have to say, meeting the meat you eat... well, it makes me want to be a vegetarian...

Here are few pictures of some of the things we did. I didn't have my camera at the pool or when we had our BBQ. I am sure there are other things I missed like Mom and picking and pickling beets, putting up 4 quarts of corn, etc. We even went to a county fair. Phew, we packed a lot in.

Hannah caught a chicken.

Hannah and Simon in the creek.

Picking peaches.

Indulging me at a small quilt display at KSU.

Picking corn.

Children of the corn!

Riding on the tractor.

Grinning from ear to ear!

Washing the hogs. God do they smell...

I loved the chickens walking all over the yard and the fantastic old farm house.

And, I liked this shot of the moon over the farm on the last night we were there.

Vacation is over. Yay and boo. Back to normal. I had some fabric I ordered waiting at home for me. Hopefully some of my upcoming posts will have quilts in them!


Paula Glover said...

I'm glad the kids enjoyed the farm. I was shocked they'd be willing to wash a pig. Go figure. If they lived here all the time, either they'd really get into it, or grow to hate it. Most of the farm kids I know seem to enjoy their livestock, etc., and tolerate the chores. Already looking forward to next summer!

Paula Glover said...

Oh, tell Hannah yesterday we got 5 eggs! Two large, and three little "starter" eggs :)