Thursday, December 17, 2009

Birthday boy!

I should be studying for my final tomorrow but I'd rather tell you about someone having a birthday. Simon turned 9 today. He took cookies to share with his class today. He wanted Chinese food for dinner tonight, so we had Chinese food. There's so much food that we'll be eating it for days!

All he's been asking us for is a guitar. Dan talked to some of his musician friends and they suggested learning on an electric guitar as apposed to an acoustic. We talked with Simon about what a big gift that would be and he was fine with it being a birthday/Christmas gift. Hannah got her present early too so why not. Santa better come through this year! Simon was so ecstatic to see the guitar he wanted. I sure hope he learns how to play it... quietly.

I am always amazed at how quickly they grow. He was a little just yesterday.

Alki Beach 2002.

Happy Birthday, Simon!

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Paula Glover said...

Simon looks so grown up!! So, how loud do you let him turn up the amplifyer?