Friday, November 20, 2009

Rag quilt part 2 and New Moon

All the raw edges were clipped and this was before I washed it.

All washed up!

The rag quilt is off to its new home. As is the last baby quilt I made. I went to the post office yesterday. It's nice to be done with a few projects. I have a big paper to do for my English class so I don't think I'll be playing with fabric this weekend. Maybe if I get the paper done quickly... 5 pages shouldn't be too hard...

Last night Hannah, Tiff and I went to see the midnight showing of New Moon. We got to the theater at like 10 pm and there were a lot of people already there. Most of them in Twilight shirts! They had 4 theaters showing it. The movie was pretty much what I expected it be and Hannah loved it. There were many oh's, ah's, and hooting during the movie. I loved that people gasped at times during the movie. Seriously? You wouldn't be in the theater if you weren't a bit of a twihard, that probably means you've read ALL the books, and you're surprised when something happens? Really? I have to say, the eye candy was yummy even if some of it was jail bait...

I got Hannah home and in bed by 3 am. She got up at 7 for school without a complaint. I expect by the end of the day she'll be quite the grouch. I'm fine but I don't require as much sleep. I'm glad I got to go do this with her. Not to say that every movie she wants to see at midnight we'll go to but at least I know she can handle it.

Picture taken on Tiff's phone.

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Paula Glover said...

Goodness. Well, at least Hannah will have a good memory!