Monday, November 09, 2009

Fabric and trebuchets

It was so wonderful to go to the fabric store all by myself! No small people to distract me. Just me, myself, and I. I brought home some yummy batiks for a wedding quilt. I made an executive decision about the color way. I think this is going to be awesome!

Since I don't have a lot of quilt action going on here I'm going to post progress pictures as I go. The recipient won't be shocked by the gift but at least they'll know I worked hard on it. I still maintain my return policy. If you don't like it please give it back. I can always use another quilt in my house and I can always buy someone a blender instead. :)

While I was out gallivanting around I also went slumming at Joann's.

I picked up some flannels for a quick baby quilt and a few fun ones to make pillow cases for the kids. The little stinkers have already seen the fabrics so there's no surprising them now! Also during my trek I noticed that my car was shaking pretty bad. Now, I don't speak Car and Driver but I do know that this is a bad thing. We were planning on going to the Punkin Chunkin in Delaware and I wasn't ok with the idea of driving my car all the way down there and back. I'd hate to get stranded 3 hours away from home. Our wonderful friends helped us out so we could still go by letting us use their car. It was tight fit in a Jetta but we knew the car wouldn't have any problems with the trip. Only good friends let you take their car to another state!

The punkin chunkin was... interesting. It's hard for the kids to track the thrown pumpkin and you couldn't see where they landed either. Then the kids had to wait for the next attempt to track the thrown pumpkin. Boredom set in. I think the grown men had more fun than the kids.

Unfortunately, it wasn't interesting enough to hold the kid attention for very long though. After driving 3 hours there they were ready to go home after 2 hours. Oh, well. It was easier to head out than to watch the kids get crankier and crankier. Oddly, it was a hot day in the sun and they had to stand. Take chairs if you go.

Oh, and if you're ever driving down HW 13 in DE and the speed limit sign says 45, slow down quickly, the tickets are expensive. He pulled two of us over at once. How's that for efficiency.


Susan said...

Of course you like those fabrics; they are batiks :)

Paula Glover said...

You know, I don't miss you guy so much until I see what I'm missing ... Does that make sense?