Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Back-to-school-night is done! Both of them, I guess. It's so weird to be going into the same classroom that Hannah was in but it's for a different kid. If we're here forever, thank you economy, then in a few years we'll be in the same room, again, this time for Seth. I really love the teacher Simon has this year. She's just fabulous. You know she really cares. It should be a good year. Not that he's had any bad ones but I wasn't a fan of his Kindergarten teacher. She was really phoning it in.

Over the last week-ish I finished up the last border on my crazy quilt. I really don't know how to finish it. Traditional crazy quilting with different stitches on each seam and elaborate embroidery just don't sound fun to me. It sounds waaaay too time consuming. It'd be lovely when in was done but I'd like to deliver the quilt to the recipient before the next century begins! Ideas?

I had to kill the mosquito on my hand first. They're everywhere right now.

Simon couldn't hold the quilt up right. At least, that was his excuse. I think he just wanted to use my camera.

I also brought home a charity quilt from my last quilt guild meeting that needed to be finished off. The blocks were already pieced. I put it all together and sewed it up like a pillow case.

We'll have a meeting in November where we tie all the charity quilts that we donate. I think it's awesome that they do this and I love being part of it. I should do more... the motto of every guilty and over booked mommy!

I have a explication to write on a poem for my English class. God help me or I'm gonna fail this class! I really don't get it. What does midwifery have to do with understanding how to deconstruct a poem? Nothing! I'll do my best to learn enough about tone, meter, foot, couplets, enjambment, etc. Just enough to write the papers and then I can move on to the stuff I'll actually retain! Science! (My mom is probably shaking her head right now, "Yuck science, next she'll mention she likes math too!")

Well, I better get to work on my paper. It's due Tuesday. If anyone has a burning desire to write it for me... ? No? I have to do it myself. I know, I know.

I'll leave you with an amusing picture.

Yes, that's my adorable son in his sisters pink cowboy hat. If he turns out to be a gay rodeo clown... well, we won't be all that shocked.


dorth said...

Ellen, you don't know me, but you deserve to know that I am stalking you through your blog! Not really....I am a friend of your mom's from Wyoming. I have four kids; my youngest is 16 as of yesterday, and I stayed home with them and did things like made homemade bread and took them to the zoo and made pictures out of macaroni noodles....and I LOVE reading about your day-to-day life. If Seth turns into a gay rodeo clown, I will say, "I kind of, sort of, in a voyeuristic way, knew him when...." Thanks for the fun!

ellen said...

I like my stalkers! You are welcome to lurk here. I have a few people that tell me they read my blog but never post a comment.

It's fun to high light the things we do. It can be boring sometimes and let's face it, I yell at them sometimes too. I'd rather look back at the fun things we do though. Ah, selective memory!

ellen said...

Oh, and happy birthday to your baby!

Amy Y said...

At least he'll be a cute gay rodeo clown :)
The quilts are lovely!

Laura D said...

Maybe i should of knit him a pink instead of a blue one.

English stuff for school is just to make sure you are well rounded. For Westwood i had to take a SciFi liturare class and a research paper class. Guess which one i liked more. at metro i took even more english classes.

Liked your quilts also.

Paula Glover said...

I LOVE the crazy quilt. Laura's right, BTW. And, Dorothy is a totally awesome woman!