Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Off to school we go

Oh, my little Hannah. You aren't so little anymore. I can't get over it.

You waited patiently while I took your picture and then you walked off alone.

I didn't walk you to school today. You didn't need me too. You're in 6th grade now, you can walk with your friends. How did you get so big?

Simon, well, I can still walk him for a few more years though. I think I'll let Hannah walk him home though. With friends of course. Then little Seth will be ready for school and I can walk him too. See my walking to school days aren't over yet!

Simon posed for his first day of school picture too. Say, "Cheese!"

He has the same 3rd grade teacher that Hannah had. It won't take but 5 seconds for the teacher to realize that Simon is nothing like his big sister! I wonder if from here on out he'll hear, "Oh, you're Hannah's brother." Hopefully that won't be followed with, "Why can't you be more like your sister?"

Seth wanted nothing to do with the camera this morning. I did however get a picture of him this weekend showing off a new thing he can do. He can write his name! Who knew? I didn't.

Yeah, I know it says, "Happy Valentine's Day!" on the card. He was playing a Dora the Explorer game and he wanted to print out the card. Who cares if it is just now September...

So, now my days are back to quiet or quieter I should say. Seth is still here with me demanding my attention. "Mommy, play with me!" Which I'd better go do. Maybe we'll bake some muffins today while the big kids are away. Reading a recipe, measuring and counting scoops teaches something aside from Mommy likes to bake, right?

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Paula Glover said...

Actually, I think cooking is an excellent way to do math and later on, physics, if you want to explain why you need baking soda, etc.!

It was hard for me to see a photo of her going off by herself ... it must have been doubly hard for you!