Wednesday, September 09, 2009


It's back to just Seth and I all day long. It's much more quiet but I already miss being able to tell one of the big kids to go play with him. It's all on me now.

We had a laid back holiday weekend. Dan was off in Chicago with some of his guy friends so it was just me and the munchkins all weekend. We had a couple friends over on Sunday for a BBQ. That was very nice. Otherwise it was a mellow, no frills, weekend. We did have a "make your own pizza" night. My creative and adventurous children made peperoni and cheese...

My online classes started yesterday. It's official, I have started school! Woo hoo! Only 9675432 days to go! I really have to make sure I do my school work before I play with fabric. It'll be hard some days I'm sure.

I finished up the quilt top I was working on. I need to start naming the quilts. I'm always saying bland things like "the quilt top I'm working on." Lame. Anyway, I love the colors of this quilt. I recently found out that Dan's cousin is getting married so this might be their wedding quilt... if I can part with it. Getting a picture of this wasn't easy. One of these days one of the kids is going to get hurt helping me. It'll be all my fault but I'll still have to tell them to be more careful next time! The poor kids were standing on the patio table (it's sturdy, right?) and had to hold it way up high. There should be disclaimers on my quilt photos, no children were harmed, I swear. Cross my heart.

I also need to make two baby quilts. I was invited to a baby shower in 2 weeks. 2 weeks! I have to make something! The down side is one of the ladies who was invited is also pregnant and due around the same time. For fear they aren't throwing a shower for her I want to bring her a gift too. So, I dug through my stash, pulled out some brilliant batiks, and started working out what pattern to use. Something simple and quick. Can I do it? Two baby quilts in two weeks? I think I can, I think I can.

One baby girl, one baby boy.

Why do I do this to myself? I guess it wouldn't be normal if things weren't a little rushed and crazy!


Paula Glover said...

The quilts will be beautiful, I'm sure. Now, I'd better go study myself or I'll be setting a bad example for you and Paul, both!

Anonymous said...

Love the colors in your new quilt! Is there a pattern name or did you make it up? Very nice, I'd be hard pressed to gift it.


ellen said...

I used a pattern. Manhattan Quilt by Blue Meadow designs.

sunshine said...

Oh my god, I'd love to make a quilt like that, it's striking!