Sunday, April 06, 2008

Sandbox fun

Saturday was a beautiful day. Sunny and in the low 60's. I finally went to Home Depot to get some sand for the new sandbox. The kids all played in it for hours. It will be so awesome to have this summer. Seth has recently found a love for tractors so digging in a sandbox is right up his alley. Anyway, I took quite a few pictures of them playing.

Dump trucks are fun in the sand.

Bury those toes.

Goofy grin. (He has the remnants of a tattoo on his check from his trip.)

She was intent on her work in the sand.

She's beautiful.

Damn my kids are cute.

After my walk this morning (I am doing a half marathon in a month! Yikes!) and a shower we made some banana bread muffins. Yummy! Seth helped me out. The big kids came in looked around and left... but still wanted to lick out the bowl. I let them have it but geez, they didn't earn it. I forgot to get pictures of the big kids licking the spatula.


woman at the well said...

Yesterday was sandbox day. Paul and I just bought some cheap lumber and put together a frame for a sandbox. Yours is much cooler, but mine is bigger :) Wait, that sounds like we're men, bragging :)

Today was NOT a sandbox day, but it is supposed to get warmer.

Amy Y said...

You DO have cute kids!! Looks like a great day!
Mmmmm... banana bread! I want some :)

Susan said...

Seth is too cute. Makes me want to lick the beater too.

Anonymous said...

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