Thursday, April 10, 2008

Farm animals and the ocean

Two posts in one day? I can't help myself...

Today is just gorgeous! Tiff suggested we take the kids to Atlantic Farms again and let them see the animals. Um, ok. Sounds like fun to me!

The office was closed so we didn't have to pay, of course that meant we couldn't get food for the animals, but we were able to walk around and see them. The kids had a blast.

We were done walking around the farm and not quite ready for lunch so we drove a few minutes away to the ocean. A little running around on the beach and collecting sea shells is just what we needed. There was a little bench with a great view of the water where we ate our lunch. Also added for Seth's enjoyment a new house was being built near by too.

It was such a lovely way to spend the day. Ahhh.

Now the little man is wiped out and taking a nap. Maybe I can get some work done with some fabric. I am very good at ignoring the sink full of dishes in favor of playing with fabric. Oh, I got some pretty fabric in the mail yesterday to make a baby quilt with! It's so totally girly and cute.


Amy Y said...

So jealous that can flit on over to the ocean at your lil heart's desire!! :)
Great photos ~ looks like Disney World was a hit!

ellen said...

No need to be jealous. All you have to do is move on out to Joisey! Then we can go to the beach together. :)

woman at the well said...

Aren't the kids so cute together! There's a photo to save forever! The whole "down the shore" thing is way cool.

country mouse said...

How awesome you can go to a farm and the ocean in the same day. Looks like wonderful fun!!

The fabric is awesome, it will make one sweet quilt.