Friday, August 19, 2011

Summer time in Kansas

All work, and then play! We were there when the county fair was happening and when you have animals at the fair you have to be there to take care of them. My kids didn't balk and cry about
having to help out. Oh, no. They were up at 6 am fighting over who got to do the farm chores first. They fed the cattle, barn cats, chickens, and fetched the eggs from the hen house. All in a days work. Then you can play!

It was awfully hot too. Over 100. Yuck. What better way to cool off then with a trip to the creek. It grossed me out since I could see all the life crawling around in it and you couldn't see the bottom of the creek. My mind goes to places where there are leeches and little fish eating at your toes, while the little water spiders crawl over you... yuck.

Looking for crawdads.

Hannah got to drive the tractor and a pick up truck! She also learned how to carry chickens so they don't freak out.

Simon ran off during the fair and adopted a new family. He helped them with their calf and even learned how to rope.

Seth's little chicken won Reserved Champion. The adorable little chicken is very docile and let Seth touch her. Maybe it's because she can't see what's coming.

An adorable calf thought Seth's pants were edible and Seth thought that was super funny!

My little brother showed his hogs. Poor Pork Chop... your fate awaits you...

And what fair is complete without things like funnel cake.

The week went by too fast and the request for a longer trip next summer started before we even left. "We should come out for a whole month next time, Mom. No, wait. Two months!" So, until next summer I can think of sitting on the porch with my mom and watching the sun set on the farm.


Paula Ebert said...

Great photos! Come for as long as you want...

Debbie Long said...

I absolutely loved when I lived on a farm as a little girl. You can tell the kids loved it too! Paula, it is a rough life, but a rewarding one too.