Saturday, April 23, 2011

random photos

So, I was down loading my Boston pictures and had some pictures to share. Here's the only sewing I've done in weeks. In true Ellen fashion, I did it the day before the quilt guild meeting. Aqua blue binding no less. It's one of the charity quilts the guild is donating. At least it was some craftiness...

I think someone asked me a very long time ago to get a picture of a cardinal. I walked out of my back door the other day and snapped a few shots. I "think" the second picture might be a female cardinal, but I am not a bird expert of any sort!

Before we took off for Boston we dyed our Easter Eggs. I am sure it won't surprise you that we will be bringing deviled eggs as a side dish tomorrow. What else can you do with all those eggs? No, I am not a fan of egg salad sandwiches and I can only eat so many hard boiled eggs.

Seth named one of his eggs. Meet Voldemort. He has another face on the other side...

Also, as a last minute thing done on Tuesday, I made chocolate chip banana bread muffins. Phew, that's a mouth full. Can't let all those bananas go to waste! Plus, the neighbor was fish sitting for us, so I took her some muffins.

Boston pics to come!

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Paula Ebert said...

Yes, male cardinal on top; female on bottom.