Monday, April 18, 2011

fabric withdrawal, exams, and t-ball

I think I am going through fabric withdrawal. I find myself looking longingly at craft and quilting blogs. Envious of their creative endeavors. It's like quilt porn for fabriholics. Le sigh.

I have an exam tomorrow morning on the gastrointestinal tract. Oh, the joys of nursing school. No time for my own creativity. Spring Break starts after class tomorrow, but I have to come home and start packing for our trip to Boston. It's going to be so awesome to finally get to see Boston after living on the east coast for almost 5 years.

Anyway, since the semester is coming to an end there are papers to write and exams to prepare for. No time for quilting. Sniffle. How much longer will this go on? Oh yeah, I am a sophomore.... 2 more years and then grad school. I am a glutton for punishment. I know I will be delighted with myself when I am done with school and I am a midwife, but until then I will grumble about the injustice of the world. Too much to do and too little time.

I need to get some pictures on here of Seth playing t-ball. All I have is iPhone pics. That'll do for now. Next game, when I'm not working the snack stand, I'll get some pictures. His first game was hysterical. They didn't know what they were doing and you'd have a little kid hit the ball and then go run after it. Or one kid would stay on the base and not move which confused the next little guy trying to go to that base. It was so much fun. Totally worth the $60 registration fee!

This should be titled, "Do you have to take my picture again?"


Well, breaks over. Time to put my head back in the books.


Samantha said...

I know all about not having enough time to sew... And I'm done with my degrees!

I cannot believe Seth is big enough to be playing sports. Time has flown.

Paula Ebert said...

But did Seth learn anything? Did he like it?

ellen said...

It is mind boggling that he's old enough for sports, but he is 5. I'm sure once I'm done with my degrees I'll be working and then I still won't have time. Darn it all.

Mom, he's liking it so far and getting better. He's starting to learn all the rules of the game. He likes the games better than practice.