Sunday, February 27, 2011

Party on, Dude!

I made Seth a special cake with a little dirt and some worms. Every boy's dream, right? It was delicious in my opinion.

In order to make an awesome birthday cake, you need helpers that like cake batter. It's a must for a successful cake baking experience.

Hannah and Simon are very helpful when it comes to taking pictures. I wish Simon wasn't blurry in the picture, because it's kind of cute.

The weather was very cooperative today. The kids were able to play outside which was so wonderful. It's been so cold and yucky for far too long.

I am hoping to have a rather productive week. I am on Spring Break this week! Of course, I have a few tests as soon as I get back, but let's not dwell on the reality of all the studying I need to do. Let's instead focus on a few free days to quilt! I am also looking forward to this weekend. First off, it's my 35th birthday. I am not sure how I got to be 35 already. It seems so old, yet I don't feel old, so I must not be old yet. Also on Saturday, I get to see Ina May Gaskin! I am sure that all of you just said, Ina May who? She is a renowned homebirth midwife. I am very excited to hear her talk. Yes, yes, I am a dork and I am okay with it.

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Paula Ebert said...

That is an AWESOME cake! Spring break so early? Take some time for yourself.

Imagine how it feels to have a 35-year-old daughter ... Since I'm only 35, it's hard to imagine.