Saturday, February 05, 2011

Good day

I'm having a good day today. It's nice to have days like this. Why, you ask?

- Slept in. Great start, no?
- Made pancakes for Hannah and her friends that slept over.
- Went to Adventures in Health with Hannah.
- Went to the mall with Hannah. We had lunch and did some shopping.
- I've got zucchini bread in the oven right now. The smell of the zucchini bread is permeating the house...

So, far so good, don't you think. Maybe I can get some quilting in tonight too!

The big kids both got straight A's on their report cards this marking period, so we're going to take them out for a treat tonight. Our kids are such dorks (just like Dan and I) that they think going to Barnes and Noble to get a book and getting a drink at Starbucks is a treat. Aren't they awesome?

School is going well. Next week we have competency testing in Nursing and Pharmacology. Then it's on to the hospital the following week!

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Samantha said...

Congrats on the As all around!