Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Things that have kept me away

Oh, school... you are a means to an end. In a few years when I am a nurse midwife I will look back and think how easy and worth it school was, but for now I think being a stay at home mom was way easier than this! There should be an honorary degree given to moms, a Bachelor in the fine art of juggling. Add in school for me and this honorary degree is put to the test!

Since Chicago:

Hannah and Simon started back to school. One in 7th grade, the other in 4th.

Quick apple picking expedition.

Seth had preschool orientation where he got to ride a train after seeing the classroom. I didn't get to ride a train when I went to preschool! I won't cry tomorrow when I can't drop him off or pick him up from his first day of preschool. He will be with some friends and that makes me happy. He's very excited about it.

On the way to quilt guild last night I saw an awesome sunset.

My weeks will now be filled with school, gymnastics, soccer, tae kwon do, boy scouts, and heavily sprinkled with mass quantities of homework. Quilting has to fit in there somewhere...

Except for the first picture they were all taken with my iPhone. I had this one on here too that I thought was neat. This is a shot of Chicago on our plane flight home.

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Samantha said...

The kids are so big!

And yes, finishing my MALS with 2 small kids was an olympian feat, but think what a great example you are setting for them!