Monday, September 20, 2010

How 'bout them apples

Finally decided what to do with all the apples we picked last weekend. Apple pie filling! So much better than applesauce.

If you are going to can apples I highly recommend this handy little tool. It peels, slices and cores at the same time. So, awesome! This is the only step where the kids were willing to help. They think it's a fun toy. Don't worry, they took turns.

I asked Hannah to come help me again and she took pictures instead.

Once they are all done processing, sit back and admire all your hard work. It'll be wonderful on Thanksgiving to bake an apple pie with this filling or maybe anytime I am in the mood for a delicious pie!

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Paula Glover said...

What great pictures! I can't believe Hannah let you take her photo, and Seth is adorable. I'm glad Simon is ready for 4th grade, too. You guys will have a wonderful year!