Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Doctor, gymnast, or politician?

Hannah is doing so well with gymnastics. I don't anticipate any Olympic events in her future, but she has been in gymnastics for a few years now and has steadily gotten better. She made team a few months ago and she participated in her last recital this weekend. From here on out she'll be helping with recital instead of being in it. In the fall she'll start competing with the team too! Pretty cool and unfortunately not cheap.

So, Hannah did something really cool Sunday night. She sat down and wrote a letter to the President. Yes, the President of the United States. She had an idea of how to stop the oil spill and wanted to let them know her idea. I can't even explain how awesome I think this is. This was all her doing, not ours. She did ask Dan for help to find the information about where to send the letter. I think she wrote 3 drafts. We told her that she may not get a response back, but I truly hope they send her a little form letter or something thanking her for her input. It is a good idea coming from an young girl.

She still wants to be a doctor when she grows up. At least, that's what she says right now. Whatever she does when she grows up I know I'll be proud of her because I already am.


Amy Y said...

She's amazing, that girl.

Monica said...

That. Is. Awesome.

Paula Glover said...

I vote for doctor.