Thursday, October 15, 2009


Ready for a big day.

We've entered the world of preschool with Seth. He was so adorable on Wednesday morning. He was very insistent that I didn't get to come with him. He was going all by "his own self." I told him they wanted mommy to come but just for the first day and after that he got to go by himself.

We were met at the front door by a large group of teenagers (mostly girls) who walk back with the kids each morning. There are more high school students then preschoolers. He got help getting his little name tag on and went straight to the train table.

About 45 minutes into the preschool class the bell rang and all the big kids said "bye" and left. All the little ones looked confused for a minute and then went right back to playing. Once passing period was over a new group of kids came in. I wasn't expecting the classes to rotate. I thought he'd be with the same group of high schoolers for the whole 2 hours he's there. Nope. He gets to play with 3 different classes. The same teachers are always there though. Kind of weird, like they're little guinea pigs. I have friends who've had their preschoolers in this class and they loved it.

He had a good time on his first day of preschool. He had free play, craft, and snack time. Who wouldn't love that! When we were walking hand in hand back to the car, talking about how much fun it was, he asked me to come back with him the next day. Can't buddy. Sorry. *sniff* He already knows one girl there so he has one friend to start off with. I am sure by the end of the program he'll have lots of friends, big and little.

Today at drop off time he was really excited to go in. One of the girls took his hand and he looked back once to make sure it was ok and then off he went.

What a big boy he is now.


Amy Y said...

Awww! I love that first picture! He looks so small and big all at the same time. Looks like he had a great day! :)

Paula Glover said...

I love the photos! It looks like a great place for him to be, and a nice transition time for both of you :)

Aunt Debbie said...

He is growing up so quickly! What an adorable little boy too. I agree, he will have lots of friends, young and teenaged! :) What will you do during this "me" time?!!

ellen said...

What will I do? Study...