Sunday, February 10, 2008

Me day

I had a "me day" today. I got to do things for me. I have to say I really like those kinds of days. Who wouldn't?

I got my nice walk in this morning. We only walked for an hour but it was chilly with the wind blowing and Christina had her kids with her. No sense making them freeze.

After lunch I got the cookies baked for the schools bake sale this week.

My mom and Paul got there right after I finished baking and we went to the quilt store. They were having a sale and a trunk show with Civil War stuff. (Most of you just probably lost interest didn't you?) I needed to take in my big quilt too. So as you all know I am weak around fabric and when it's buy one, get one for a penny.... I could hardly say no!

I happily left feeling like I got a deal. I mean really, I got $45 worth of fabric for 3 cents! So mom and I strolled over to the Antique store down the block for a little look. It was so very odd. It was more of a junk store. There was so much stuff it was hard to take it all in. When we were about to leave I peeked down one of the rows and saw a treadle sewing machine. Sweet, I totally love them. It had a price of $30 on it. Yeah, $30. I was marveling over how cool it was even though it was missing a drawer when a woman told me there was a better one on the next aisle over. Low and behold there was! Oddly enough the nice woman who pointed them out to me said she was going to get them both and had changed her mind.

I got them to take the machines down so I could get a better look at them. The ornate one has a bad top on it. It looks like water damage on one side. The other one was in good shape minus the drawer. What's a girl to do? Which one do you buy? Silly, both of them!

No, Hannah isn't always on the couch. I swear!

Love the decorative drawers.

Don't mind Simon back there. he was cleaning them up for me. Without being asked. I wonder what he wants? JK

Yeah, what am I going to do with two treadle sewing machines? Does anyone know someone who could fix 'em up for me?

Well, to add to my "me day" I went to dinner with the girls (again!) and had some yummy food and fabulous conversation. Followed up with going to see 27 Dresses. It was so cute! I love chic flicks though so I am easy to please.

I got home and helped tuck everyone in. Grabbed a warm cup of coffee and headed to my office. Now that I am done with the blog post should I read, play with fabric, or watch tv...

I like me days.


Haven't Sewn in awhile Nama said...

You've brought back the memory of my grandmother's Singer treadle sewing machine! She taught me to sew on it. I'm so excited that you got them. Those drawers are beautiful. I'll bet if you call a Singer's store or the company itself, they can recommend someone to get them in apple pie order. Enjoy!

Amy Y said...

How fun! I love Me Days too (though I usually just get Me evenings if I'm lucky) :)
The sewing machines are way cool!

woman at the well said...

Fun, fun, fun. The junk shop in Englishtown was just so odd and overwhelming, but it was also fun.

Anonymous said...

Those remind me of the machine that always sat on Granny's back porch. I wonder where that one wound up?

I love you, Aunt Debbie

Coni Nelson said...

"me" time is a necessity in life. It makes for a happy you which in turn makes for a happy husband and happy kids... So why don't we do it more???


Love you Ellen, miss you so much...