Friday, February 29, 2008

baby blanket

Here is the latest little quilting endeavor I took on. (Sorry the picture is kind of dark.)

These rag quilts are so easy. The cutting can be a PITA but so worth it in the end.

It looks like I have 3 wonderful participants in the "Pay it Forward" game. Scylla, Country Mouse, and Riality Freak. I will get to work on your little goodies soon... Yay!

In kid news-

Hannah is trying out for a higher level in gymnastics. Apparently she has the strength and talent.She just needs the experience. She'll have a recital in April. Also, she is doing a little play at school today in the class room. I'll have to head out in a few minutes to go see it.

Simon just tested for his green belt last night and got it. I know you are probably thinking, "Didn't he just get his orange belt?" Yes, he got it 2 months ago. I guess they like to keep them moving up quickly. I think they just want the extra cash! Sorry, no pictures. Dan took him while I stayed home with the other two and he forgot to take the camera.

Seth went to the Doctor yesterday for a check up. He is all fine and dandy. He is a small fry (23.9 lbs at 2! Oliver is like 30. Not fair.) but pretty darn cute if you ask me.


Amy Y said...

Great quilt! Congrats to your lil sprites ~ I love how active they are!!

I wanted to participate in the pay it forward thing... but I'm having a hard time getting my own creative juices flowing these days so I didn't want to commit to getting something done in 2 months! :)

Oh, and I would love to challenge you to a burping contest next time you are in town, m'dear! :)

Ria said...

I LOVE that quilt. How did you do that? I am going to have to look for a pattern for something like that. It makes the perfect little baby quilt.

ellen said...

Ria- Rag quilts are super easy. I think I'd have a hard time describing it though. Try this web site.