Tuesday, May 08, 2012


Spring is slipping by so quickly. I've hardly had time to get out there and enjoy it. I'm in the last two weeks of my semester and it's rather hectic. I did get to head into the city with kids over Spring Break. We had a full and fun day. We saw Dan's new office down in the Wall St. area. went to the Central Park Zoo, walked around the park, and went to the Met. I love Central Park. We even ended up in a Occupy Wall Street march on accident.

I'm getting ready to go on my medical mission trip to Costa Rica in a few weeks! I'm so excited to go. I have to take a gift to my homestay family and I'm not sure what to bring them. This is going to be such an incredible experience. Hopefully, one I can repeat again.

Maybe once I'm back I can squeeze a few projects in around my summer extern program.

God, I'm already looking at grad schools... Sometimes, even it the midst of the constant chaos, it feels like things are coming together just fine.

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