Saturday, December 03, 2011

Ice skating in Central Park

One of my oldest and dearest friends came out to visit with her daughter for a few days before heading down to DC. We decided to take a day trip up to the city and have a little fun. I pulled the kids out of school for the day. We went to see the tree in Rockefeller Center and ice skating in Central Park.

I had a wonderful day. The weather was perfect. The kids were great (minus Seth acting like a demanding 5 year old from time to time).

At the very end of our time ice skating Hannah fell. Her skate caught on Simon's and down she went. So hard that she split her chin. She needed to go to the doctor. It looked to me like it needed stitches. We had to decide if we should head to a hospital in NYC with all the kids or head home. With such a minor injury we could potentially wait for hours to be seen in the ER. We are about an hour from the city so we decided to head home. Long story short, five hours after she hit her chin we returned home from the ER with her little chin glued shut.

The day ended with dermabond instead of hot cocoa, but at least we'll all have a story to tell about the one time the kids ditched school to go ice skating in the city.

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