Wednesday, May 25, 2011

family visit

Dan's mom came to visit us! It was so wonderful to have her and Greg here. It's been too long since the last time we were able to see them in Colorado. We let the kids play hooky on Monday to hang out with their grandparents. We went to Point Pleasant and walked on the board walk. The kids and I decided to go in the fun house. Turns out, it's not so fun for little guys. It scared Seth, but not Hannah and Simon. The big kids immediately wanted to go through it again!

(Please ignore all the blue tint that the pictures have. I didn't realize what setting my camera was on. Grr)

Even if it's not warm enough, they have to walk on the beach.

Ready for the fun house?

Grandpa Greg taught the kids a few cords on the guitar.

Stella and Greg were also here for Seth's other preschool graduation. You know the one I got to go to!

The highlight of their performance was his refusal to hold one of the girls hands during a song.

He told me her hands were hot and yucky. Someday kid, you'll like holding a girl's hand...


Paula Ebert said...

All this looks like so much fun. I'll bet the beaches back home were warmer for Stella and Greg than the Jersey beaches!

Paula Ebert said...

Just one word for you... Adobe Photoshop. Wait, that's two words...