Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St. Patrick's day!

I don't have class today. I have homework though. I wrote a care plan already and I have to write a nutritional assessment too. Oh, the joys of nursing school. :) I'll be at the hospital again tomorrow. This semester we're on a Med Surg floor. Next semester we'll do both Peds and OB. I am excited about that!

Well, seeing it's St. Paddy's Day I thought I'd show you a bit of green. The flowers are starting to come up outside! Soon there will be a lot of green. Here are the sunflowers we planted at Seth's birthday party.

Seth painted last weekend while I studied for my cardiac test.

I made a wallet like my SIL has. Love it.

Got all three of them together at one time!


Paula Ebert said...

Very cute wallet ... very cute kids! I'm glad Seth is willing to paint while you study. Nursing school ... better you than me, I can't do the chemistry, etc.

Anonymous said...

Sweet wallet...what's the pattern?

ellen said...

I don't actually have a pattern. Made it up as I went along. I saw Susan's wallet and asked for measurements since she didn't have a pattern. I can give you the dimensions though.
7 ½” wide x 3 ¾” tall.
each pocket so that it is 2” deep.
Pocket A is 2” tall. Pocket B is 2 1/2” tall. Pocket C is 2 7/8”. And pocket D is 3 ¼”.

I actually accordion folded the pockets.
If you want my daughter wants a wallet and I could take pictures of the steps...