Saturday, November 06, 2010

Taking a time out

I decided to take a break. A little time out from school work to play with fabric this weekend. I sandwiched a few quilts for the guild. We will all work on tying the tops and donating them in time for Christmas.

Then I started on a little project that I'll have to keep to myself for a bit. I think this is going to be pretty stinkin' cute.

We did have a interesting start to our weekend. Friday evening Simon somehow managed to slip in the dining room and hit his head on the edge of the bakers rack. He split his eyebrow open and we had to make a trip to the ER for some stitches. Poor kid. He's alright though. He's out of soccer and Tae Kwon Do for a few days.

Tomorrow we're spending most of the day at Hannah's first gymnastics competition...

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