Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Break time

Well, it's Spring Break this week and I haven't had to much of a break yet. I shouldn't complain, I have been able to sleep in a bit more. Thank you all for the compliments on my purse. I am going to use the No Diamonds in the Sky quilt pattern. (The quilt on the web site isn't all that pretty, sorry.)

So far we've had play dates with friends, a long walk with my mom, and packing to fill up our week. On Monday Hannah and Simon went over the their little friends house for a few hours and the next day after we went to the park in the morning their friends came to our house. While we were at the park some of the grounds keepers were working on a small drainage pipe and boy did that get Seth attention. They had a small tractor so Seth sat down and watched them work. When they shut off the tractor he said, "More." Heck, I even got out the snacks we sat there so long. Why is it that boys are fascinated with tractors?

Any hoo, today mom came over with Paul and after a quick bite to eat we went to explore the Monmouth Battlefield Park. It was so much fun. The kids got to run a muck. We headed for the homestead house and were rather disappointed when we got up close. The windows are all boarded up and the house is in disrepair. Such is life. It was a good walk though especially coming back up that big hill carrying Seth.

This evening has been spent packing up the big kids. They are leaving on an airplane to go meet up with Grandma Stella. They are going to Disney World! I was nervous at first but I am ok now. I am sure tomorrow as I sit there in the airport waiting for their flight to take off, without me, that I will get nervous. I know they will be in good hands once they get to Florida. They will have a fantastic time too. I am not sure how much of a break I'll get while they are gone. Without Sissy here, who will get up early with Seth?


woman at the well said...

Today was so much fun! Paul actually commented on his way to martial arts that he was a little tired. I'll bet - we walked for two hours and they ran most of the way!

Amy Y said...

Oh! They will have so much fun! I hope someone takes pics to share with your blog readers. ;)

Samantha said...

Disneyworld with grandma? Lucky kids! I'd be squeezing myself into a suitcase to go along! Have fun with Seth. And btw, love that photo of your mom and seth!

bundle-o-contradictions said...

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